Valens Bank Ltd. is a limited liability company incorporated under the International Business Companies Act 2005 as an International Business Company limited by shares, and is hold Company No. 18217.

The Company works under the authorisation of the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority, and holds an International Banking License (no. L 15314 / AFB) and a Brokering and Clearing House International License (no. BRL 18624 / VBL).

The Management Board is comprised of James Holmes (Chairman) and Torben Elkjaer Pedersen.

The Valens Bank Group comprises a substantial number of domestic and foreign companies, that are licensed as per requirement by regulators in the country of their incorporation.

Valens Bank Ltd.
Suite 8200 BP 303, Mutsamudu
Union of Comoros

Tel.: +49 32 221 093 344
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