Financial Services

For corporate clients

As a Corporate client you are able to perform all banking operations of any type and size through us. You can send and receive international payments directly through your account. We have built an important and widespread network of correspondent banks operating in all the world financial and industrial centre’s.

Multi-currency current accounts

With our multi-currency current accounts you can have easy access to your cash deposits in many currencies including US$, Euro, CHF, JPY and GBP. You can also:

  • Receive and make payments in all currencies
  • Use your Pre-paid Credit card to make purchases in stores and online
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs around the world
  • Check all your accounts and credit cards through our Internet Banking service
  • Have more than one signatory on the account

Share Dealing Account

We offer a secure, straightforward way to invest, with the following features:

  1. An execution only service, tailored to you
  2. A wide choice of investment options of International shares, funds, investment trusts & bonds.
  3. Access to your account together with the current account.
  4. Orders can be placed online.


Our PrePaid MasterCard are available in EUR, USD, GBP and CHF. They also have the following features:

Shopping worldwide & online

Thanks to the MasterCard networks, your card is accepted in more than 33 million outlets worldwide. It also allows you to pay online and to withdraw cash at ATMs around the world.

Simplified management and recharge

Recharge your card directly from our Internet Banking service anytime or contact your relationship manager.

Contactless payment

MasterCard PayPass™ contactless payment methods are integrated with your credit card. It allows you to pay for all your purchases under approx. 25 EUR by a simple contact with the POS terminal at selected retailers.

NOTE. The prepaid cards presented on this website are reserved to the holders of a Current Account with us. Click here to open your account online!


Crypto Currency Wallet

We allows Clients to hold the following crypto currencies:

BTC - Bitcoin

BCH - Bitcoin Cash

ETH - Ethereum

LTC - Litecoin


All can be traded into FIAT upon request, and FIAT can be converted into those crypto currencies.

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