Press Releases

Valens Holding AG’s shareholders has unanimously decided to take over Valens Bank Ltd.

On the Extraordinary General Meeting 16th July 2019 of Valens Holding AG, it was unanimously decided on the that the Company takes over 100% of Valens Bank Ltd. via a capital increase in kind of shares.

Official press release.

Valens Bank Ltd. has as the first fully regulated bank now issued it's own crypto token - the Valens Coin.

Valens Bank has per 04-09-2018 as the first fully regulated bank in the world issued it's own Crypto token named the Valens Coin. The Valens Coin is issued as a ERC20 token in the Ethereum blockchain with 100 million Valens Coins issued.

Valens Bank Ltd. enters into agreement with Blocktrade Technology to offer Crypto Fund Trading.

Valens Bank Ltd. enters into agreement with Feike AG (to become Valens AG)