Valens Group

Valens Bank Ltd. ("Valens Bank") is currently in the process of being taken over by the German company Valens Holding AG, a company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under ISIN DE000A1YCNB3. Valens Holding AG will then own 100% of Valens Bank and act as the holding company for the Valens Group.

Valens Bank is a private offshore bank, who focuses on creating long-term added value for individuals, their families and their enterprises. It has a long-term vision and commitment to keep investing in the business, so it always meet clients expectations and needs. The current range of services includes offering multi-currency bank accounts, pre-paid credit cards and stockbroking facilities, to private individuals and corporations.

Valens Bank has a fully owned subsidiary, the British Merchant Capital Partners Ltd. ("MCP"), who operates as a plan manager. MCP has a database of 27,000 clients, who invested in over £350 million of structured products issued by major bank. Around £80 million of the structured products are still to mature, and MCP continuously update and make investments plan for the clients.

Valens Bank also has an associated company, the British UK Stock and Bonds Ltd. ("UKSB"). UKSB is able to promote awareness of small to medium sized (quoted and un-quoted) companies to help them raise funds for their development. UKSB works with corporate clients (companies) and their boards, to introduce them to appropriately qualified advisors, who can advise them on suitable debt and equity solutions to raise funds and working capital. Finally, UKSB work with the company and the advisors to promote the fund raising opportunity to appropriate investors. The company (FRN 804586) is an Appointed Representative of European American Capital Services Limited (FRN 401897) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Valens Bank owns Jovial Crown Ltd. ("JCL"), that acts as clearing and settlement partner for Valens Bank Ltd. By utilizing JCL as clearing and settlement partner, the Clients of Valens Bank get access to a better and more efficient system for in- and outcoming transfers.

The Valens Group thereby consists of the following structure: